Volunteer to help the Common Cod Fiber Guild

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with the Guild! We’re always in need of help spreading the word about our events as well as running them. We often need people to work the registration desk, bouncers at the door, triage people, audio/visual specialists, vehicles to move equipment and/or people, and more! There’s also plenty of behind-the-scenes clerical work. If nothing else, we can use you to help us post flyers in places fiber folks are likely to see them. It doesn’t matter what level you see yourself involved at — if you’d like to help out the Guild, we’ll be glad to have you. Email our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@commoncod.com and you’ll be added to the ccfg-volunteers mailing list. Introduce yourself, let us know what you’d like to help with, and we’ll keep you posted when we’re in need of assistance.

At the moment, no compensation is possible, regardless of the level of your involvement. Even the board members pay their dues here!

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  1. susan sherman
    susan sherman at ·

    Hi, Karen!
    I am the (sleepy) one who volunteered to help with InDesign announcements– let’s get together and talk about them. A bit more about me: I’m a book designer and art director at Charlesbridge Publishing. I’ve done book design of children’s books since 1979-ish at LIttle Brown, HoughtonMifflin, among others. An interview with me is at
    Looking forward to working with you.

  2. Karen
    Karen at ·

    Thanks so much, Susan! I will share our Dropbox collateral folder with you so you can see examples of what kind of material we’re talking about — basically postcard handouts and brochures — and I’ll follow up by email.

    Just one caveat: Anything in there that looks like a hack job was *not* prepared by the lovely and talented graphic designer (and Cod member) Chris E., but by one of us, the untrained!

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