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Make Mine Local Fiber Arts/Crafts Showcase 2009

Make Mine Local
Fiber Arts/Crafts Showcase

Request for submissions

Submissions deadline: Sept 1, 2009
Finished Object deadline: Nov 1, 2009
Showcase: Friday Nov 13th, 2009


* home/studio within 2 hours of Massachusetts State House (using Google Maps)
* designs must be able to be worn down a runway
* designs must be current to the last year or new
* designs must comply with theme below


A cool breeze blowing in New England brings thoughts of colorful leaves, clam chowder, hot cider, and dorm rooms. So many exciting new things are set in motion each autumn. We are looking for designs inspired by the longing for warm creature comforts that takes hold in New Englanders as the leaves change and begin to drop

This showcase is our attempt to celebrate all the amazing people and businesses that are a part of the Boston area’s fiber community. We are looking for ways to showcase both the talent and size of our community. With this in mind, the Common Cod Fiber Guild’s November meeting will be part guild meeting, part runway show… but completely exciting.

We are looking for both yarn and design submissions, as well as people who would like to participate as models on our stage, and local businesses that would like to take part in a display of our fiber community.

Design submissions will be jurored by Shannon Okey of Yarn Forward Magazine based on usability for the runway and application of theme.

All submissions of designs or products should be submitted to the following site:

For more information please email guild at


Do I have to have a completed piece by Sept 1st?
No, the item must be completed by Nov 1st. All you need to submit by
September 1st is a concept and pictures of swatches

Can I submit Socks, hats, or gloves?
Hats and Gloves are definitely accessories that can be sown off on the runway. Socks, well… at this time we do not feel that these are something that work for our show.

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