FiberCamp 2012

 Oh it was fun!FiberCamp Boston 2012 Schedule Board Thanks to everyone who made it a great weekend!  We’ll see you again in 2013.

Yes, it’s back!  The third open conference for Boston area creative types!

March 9 – 11, 2012 

Building E51, 70 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA

Fibercamp is based on the fact that everyone has something to share and teach. Connect with the community by sharing your passion.

People present, teach and share smaller bite-sized ideas and techniques ranging from beginning fair isle to photography to making a duct tape mannequin. Some presentations might be demonstration-only and completely PowerPoint-based and some will be hands-on. Because this conference is powered by the people who attend it, you are responsible to be a part of the conversation.

The weekend kicks off on Friday night, with a panel discussion on Craft and Community.  The Conference runs both Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 5.

We’re working on the final details of this year’s wiki.  Registration and the wiki will be ready on January 13, 2011.  In response to last year’s input, we’re offering early bird pricing and one day tickets this year.  Here’s the pricing rundown:

Early bird pricing from January 13 to 22, 2012 — Go here:

NonMember    Guild Member
$35                    $20

Or if you register between January 23 and February 29, 2012

NonMember Guild Member

$40                     $25  two day
$20                     $12.50  one day
After March 1, $5 increase on all ticket prices.

For directions on how to get to FiberCamp, go here

Once you have registered for FiberCamp, set up your user name and password at  Click on the Session Topics tab to see what people would like to learn, and what people are offering to share.  We’ll also include descriptions of the rooms, the schedule, and usually someone starts an FAQ page.  This site is a “wiki” which means its contents are built by the conference participants.  Looking forward to “meeting” you on the wiki before the weekend!

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  1. Sheeri Cabral
    Sheeri Cabral at ·

    Here’s my vote for a workshop on finishing….or if that’s too much, how to pick up stitches without gaps!

  2. Hannah Moore
    Hannah Moore at ·

    Thanks for a good day today!
    I was wondering if you could put links up for the vendors that had stands in the basement? I am interested in some of the patterns and spinning products they had.

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