What is a fiber activity?

A fiber activity is any activity that involves some sweet, sweet yarn or fiber. This includes crocheting, spinning, weaving, rug hooking, knitting, nalbinding, felting, fulling… etc… This is a very general term that is meant to be all-inclusive.

Seriously, you couldn’t just call it crafting?

Well, there is this whole craft/art debate that is ongoing… and we don’t think that these terms should divide us. In the end we all enjoy the projects we work on and defining art should be left to those people who accept exhibits in museums. We think all fiber activities are important and interesting whether it be art or craft… ok, so you baited us and we bit… nuff said.

Why a Guild?

Guild is the best term to describe the kind of activities group we would like to have in Boston. We wanted a place to bring speakers and to get inspired. Since we are based around shared activities that were once organized and run by guilds, we felt that this was the best term for this. While we toyed with “the fiber fun organization,” it just didn’t have the same luster as “guild.”

Why do you need a new Guild?

There are some great guilds in the Boston area. We just feel that there is enough space for one more.

How is this related to the Boston Knit Out?

Good question… well, the Boston Knit Out organization was taken over by pirates. We, the aforementioned pirates, decided that we would like to continue the spirit of the Knit Out, but it really needed to have a different vision. So the vision now is less about a specific event and more about building a sustainable fiber community that has many events throughout the year. Community is key to us pirates; without community, where would we wear these cool eye patches and parrots?

Can I help?


  • Please become a member
  • Please contact guild_at_commoncod_dot_com and let us know how you might be able to participate
  • Please donate – we are 501(c)3 so it’s tax deductible
  • Please let us know if you would like to speak at our meeting
  • Please attend our regular meetings, special events including FiberCamp, and our off-month and other informal get-togethers
  • Please be realistic (we are non-profit… please be patient with us)
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