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A Hundred Ravens Guild Meeting 11/13/15
November 17, 2015

Guild Night News: It was a wonderful turnout to the November Guild Meeting/Bake Sale event! Sheeri started off the night with some reminders: Apply to speak at Ignite at the newly revamped website. Thanks again to Meghan for her fabulous […]

Why We Bakesale
November 6, 2015

Hi, Fiber Friends! November is a month commonly filled with pumpkin spice, gratitude posts on Facebook ranging in authenticity, and, if you’re my friend, a healthy dose of your favorite fiber. November is also traditionally the month where Common Cod […]

Guild Meeting
Abby Franquemont Friday July 10
July 9, 2015

You guys, you guys, YOU GUYS! We’re super excited to be hosting Abby Franquemont for a talk Friday night and two classes on Saturday (there are still a few spots left in the classes!). She’ll also be bringing some of […]

East Coast Franklin Fest!
July 12, 2014

Franklin Habit is here! Last night he had 75 of us rolling in the aisles (metaphorically) while he described the “other” side of Weldon’s Practical Needlework. But first, he joined in our Show and Tell and showed us his Vitamarie […]

Julia Farwell-Clay, Cowichan Sweaters
March 24, 2014

Fiber Camp Friday!!!!!! The Guild is ever so grateful for Julia’s contributions to the Fiber Camp weekend of events. Julia presented her informative lecture on Cowichan knitting, she taught a number of classes, and rounded up a clutch of her […]

Ignite Craft: Highlights of 2014
January 14, 2014

With an enthusiastic crowd and  passionate presenters, Common Cod Fiber Guild celebrated metro Boston’s creative mojo for the fourth time. As President Karen Gareis picked up the mike, the nearly 200 people fell immediately to a hushed anticipation. This year’s […]

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