Guido Stein, Alanna Nelson, and Alasdair Post-Quinn started the Common Cod Fiber Guild in 2008 to promote fiber activities in the Boston area, as well as to promote local yarn stores, fiber artists, and fiber producers.

Every odd-numbered month from September through July, the Guild brings in speakers like Clara Parkes, Gale Zucker, and Heather Ordover and offers gatherings like Fiber Camp for crafters of all levels. The regular Guild meetings are on Friday nights at 7PM and offer members and guests a chance to show off their latest fiber creations. The Guild also offers opportunities to get together for pot-luck suppers and to attend area fiber festivals in the intervening months.

Our name comes from two important pieces of Boston history. “Common” refers to the Boston Common in downtown Boston, where animals grazed in colonial times. “Cod” represents the biggest business in early New England; it funded the textile revolution here.

The Guild is a nonprofit organization.

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