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Ready, Set, FiberCamp!
June 19, 2019

Julia Farwell-Clay teaches Combination Knitting at FiberCampHow did this happen? FiberCamp is just a few days away! Are you ready? Here’s my list of things to bring, in case it helps to remind you of something you meant to put on yours:

  • Knitting needles (various sizes; I usually bring dpns, since with the addition of a point protector, they can double for straight needles, and I can share a set with a classmate if need be, since FiberCamp sessions are for sampling, not knitting up a whole sweater!)
  • Crochet hooks (various sizes, and ideally not my most prized ones, since I find them easy to lose in the excitement of FiberCamp)
  • Yarn in a couple of contrasting colors, and maybe a couple of different weights, too. (But also remember there’s a swap table, if you don’t have enough contrasting colors for a technique being taught)
  • Notions kit (scissors, stitch markers, tapestry needles)
  • Spindles and spinning fiber
  • Sewing machine? Haven’t decided whether to bring that this year or not. 🙂
  • Lunch
  • Water bottle
  • Giveaways for the swap table! Books, tools, (moth free) yarn, whatever, it’s all welcome.

Whew! What’d I miss? Something, I’m sure. But that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Let’s get coffee at Coffee and Cotton when they open at 8:00 Saturday morning and compare notes on what we forgot. The nature of FiberCamp is that someone will have that thing you desperately need, and probably be happy to lend it to you.


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  1. You’re right, Willa! A lot of sharing and “make it work” goes on at FiberCamp. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy it so much.