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What do YOU want FiberCamp to be?
June 6, 2019

In a couple of weeks, we’ll meet at the beautiful iHub space in Lowell, and you’ll have the chance to learn almost any textile technique you can think of–all you have to do is ask! So we wanted to encourage people to use the system we’ve set up for pre-planning, to increase the chances you’ll get to learn (or teach!) the particular thing you had in mind. It’s a simple system, just a spreadsheet where you can add your requests and ideas, but it really does help!

The spreadsheet has tabs across the bottom, one for each day’s (partial) schedule, remaining rooms to be scheduled on the day, and one each for what you want to learn and what you can teach:

green and yellow Google Sheets scheduling document with red arrows pointing out tabs

Most of the rooms won’t be scheduled till the day of, when people can see the actual rooms and decide which one is most suitable for them based on how many people have expressed interest. But we do release schedule blocks for three of the rooms ahead of time in case anyone gets antsy. If you don’t see anything scheduled, don’t panic–it doesn’t mean there are no classes planned! Having the schedule details filled in during the welcome session is a feature of FiberCamp, not a bug!

blue and yellow Google Sheets scheduling documentThat said, if there are specific things you’re hoping someone will teach, do click on the third tab, “What I want to LEARN”, and tell us about it! This makes it more likely that the person who knows that thing will (a) plan to set aside a session to teach it, and (b) bring any needed tools or materials/let you know what tools or materials to bring. Plus, it gives others a nudge to say they are interested too, which helps a potential teacher be sure it’s a session worth leading.



purple and pink Google Sheets scheduling documentSo that leaves the “What I can TEACH” tab. Don’t panic, just because you can teach tapestry crochet, or how to make a perfect mattress seam, doesn’t mean you have to! It’s totally okay to come to FiberCamp and just learn from others. But if there are things you think everyone should know how to do (oops, wait, is it just me out here evangelizing for combination knitting?), or you just enjoy showing people, put ’em up here!

See you at FiberCamp!


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