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Guild Meeting
Creative Ground – New England Foundation For the Arts, Part 2
October 12, 2018

The September meeting was so chock full of information, we had to split the recap into two blog posts! The first post talked about what the New England Foundation for the Arts does, including what kinds of art we have seen and is coming up that they fund. The second part of the talk was a very exciting demonstration of Creative Ground, New England’s unique directory of creative enterprises and artists.

Creative Ground was built off NEFA’s value of building and exchanging knowledge in the region. After all, it’s easier to learn from each other when you are visible and connected. 5 of 6 New England states use Creative Ground as their artist’s directory. And it is not simply for artists finding each other – city planners can see and do asset mapping – figure out who’s in community and who they’re serving. For example, do they have a town full of painters?

Creative Ground profiles can only be owned by New Englanders. No other region has this type of regional directory. Creative ground is a FREE promotional and marketing tool, that can display your business professionally. You can treat it like a portfolio. Creative Ground allows you to know how to talk about art in business terms.

Artists can look for places to rent in the search form. Exploring can be done by city or state, business type, discipline (e.g. dance, music, theater, visual/crafts), audiences, and specific activities (e.g. artist market, arts instruction, marketing). You can even find Native artists!

Start exploring Creative Ground today, and set up your profile!


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