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January 2018: Yarn Auction a Rousing Success!
January 23, 2018

Fiber Friends,

Did you make it to our January Yarn Auction/Yard Sale? The fiber was flying, seriously, people in the second row had to watch out. It was like being at a Blue Man Group, but instead of silly string, yarn was being flung for the squishing!

Look at all that yarny bounty!
Ooh Alasdair donated? Let me just see what he put down!

It goes without saying that the evening was a supreme delight. From Auctioneer stylings courtesy of Amanda and Sheeri, to ample baked goods for purchase, to buying yarn by the ounce, it was my top Friday night of 2018 so far!

Thank you to all the folks who came and shopped. It really helped Common Cod Fiber Guild to fill up the coffers for our upcoming season. Common Cod is a 501 C3 charity.   We rely solely on membership fees, guest fees and fundraisers to bring in all of our guest lecturers, pay them the living wage they deserve, and pay for space to have our meetings. Also, reminder to those that shopped, your purchases are a charitable donation (WIN/WIN).

Thank you to all that donated, especially our friends at FABRIC. You all helped to make it a very successful evening!

Didn’t make it to the sale? Some very special auction items are still available for purchase online. Shop away here. (Still a charitable donation, you’re welcome).

Yours in Fiber,

Gina Common Cod Prezknit



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