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Sequence Knitting: The Perfect Way to Open our Season
September 12, 2017

Fiber Friends,

What a weekend the guild has had! Cecelia Campochiaro was our season opener, and it was just as phenomenal a time as I thought it would be two Rhinebecks hence. I am so glad to have met Cecelia then, and I am especially thankful to have spent time with her and many guild members this past weekend. It was an incredible two days!

First and foremost, Sequence Knitting is life changing. Boom. That’s it. The end. If you are craving inspiration, if you are feeling stuck or stymied with a particular yarn, go and find a copy of the book of the same name.  I am thinking of it as a text book to elevate my knitting life.  Somehow, Cecelia Camopochiaro managed to make me want to swatch and do Math. That in and of itself should say it all.

Cecelia has this way of liquefying brains with knowledge, while continuing to cause repeated “aha!” moments over and over through talking about knitting.  Just when I thought, “I can’t possibly learn more,” there it was, understanding beyond understanding.   She is an excellent teacher, writer and lovely person.  Sequence Knitting  is a must-have book for any knitter’s collection.

I wish I could take you all back in time to do the class with us, in some hand spun qiviut time machine, but alas I cannot.  Please humbly accept instead some images from the day.  Also, consider joining us in November, when Bristol Ivy will be joining us to lecture and teach.  This is a great year to be in Common Cod!  Get your membership here.

Cecelia showing off one of the shawl patterns from her book

All of us thrilled to hold many, many samples of Sequence Knitting!


And here, a first broken garter rib swatch of many to come.


Signing off to go cast on another sequence swatch,

Gina, your Preziknit


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  1. Cecilia is excellent at laying out the casework and providing a structured way for us to follow her explorations. Really, I’m not sure if I’ll ever want to work in garter or stockinette again. It was a great day. I posted my two cents on my blog –