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Fiber Revival: Get Ready for a Yarny Afternoon
July 18, 2017
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Fiber Friends,

You may have heard that I am a yarn-fest “doula” of sorts, even though that is really not a thing.  It all started with Rhinebeck many years ago, when I mistakenly thought it would be a great idea to bring my husband (a non-fiber enthusiast) to accompany me on my inaugural voyage.  I lived through a steep learning curve on that *day trip* and yes we are still married.  I had so much to learn!

Throughout the Common Cod Blog we’ve discussed, strategized and hacked how to maximize your enjoyment, and minimize stress while experiencing a large scale yarn festival.  However, have you considered dipping your toes into a well curated, small scale Fiber RevivalAugust is a great month to do just that. To the uninitiated that statement might sound odd, but after you’ve sipped from the trough that is the Fiber Revival, I bet you’ll agree.

What makes Fiber Revival so special?

1. Location–the Spencer Peirce Little farm offers a green and breezy setting, the $6.00 admission into the Revival gets you a guided tour of the historic home, a view of the farm animals and old-timey baseball games. When you come join me at the Fiber Revival, take advantage of a free docent led tour of the the 1609 manor house.  The property is constantly evolving, and is still used as a farm AND as a sanctuary for farm animals.

2. Pace– In stark contrast to other Fiber festivals (looming around the corner, better get to work on that sweater!) Fiber Revival is relaxing, easy and calming.  There are a few hand picked vendors who have time to talk to you.  There is lots of space and shade.  Most people bring their own chairs so that they could sit, stitch and visit with other festival goers.

3. Refreshments–Fiber Revival has a few choice selections that refresh and renew.  Ipswitch Ale truck serves tasty beverages yearly, and bonus, they serve Chicago Style hotdogs too! (Disclaimer: I am a Chicago Style hot dog enthusiast as well as a yarn enthusiast, thus making Fiber Revival highly intoxicating for many reasons)

Tastiness in Olde Style Truck Form Photo Credit:
Tastiness in Olde-Style Truck Form Photo Credit:

4. Community–The best part of Fiber Revival is the community.  With the smaller number of vendors, there is AMPLE time for sitting and stitching.  Leslie Wind is usually there, making shawl pins in plein air, Abby Franquemont, friend of the guild, is teaching spinning for the second or third year in a row. You can register for classes through the above link.  

Bring your own chair, bring a lunch (if you want) or may I suggest a hot dog? Whatever you choose, please meet me in Newbury on August 12th from 9-4 PM.  Fiber Revival here we come!

As always, your friend in Fiber-based festivals,  

Gina, your Community Coordinator


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