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HOWTO: Make a Duct Tape Needle Organizer
March 29, 2017

For several years, I have been using a Namaste circular needle holder for my DPNs and circular needles. It’s an accordian-type storage holder, and it does not really do the job very well – I had much the same issues that the reviewers did (click the previous link).

So I went to pinterest to get some inspiration. There were many different styles, and I realized that what I wanted was something like a series of pockets, connected together. I thought, “I could sew that!” and then I thought, “I can make that out of duct tape!” because it would be much easier for trial and error purposes. The pockets can also be used for crochet hooks – you can mix and match whatever you put in the pockets.

Here’s what it looks like, in use:

Basically each “pocket” holds one size of needles. The image shows 3 “pockets” together. In all, I made 3 different “wallets” that have 6 “pockets” each.

This HOWTO will show you how to make a pocket out of duct tape.

Materials needed:

Duct tape, Utility knife, Cutting board, Ruler

While you CAN use scissors to cut duct tape, I found that mine didn’t do as good a job and they were hurting my thumb, so I switched to a utility knife for cutting.

The pictures will alternate between the purple owl print with silver interior and solid green with beige interior because I made several wallets! Here’s what you need to make 1 pocket:

2 exterior strips, 8.5″ long

2 interior strips, 8.5″ long

2 exterior strips, 6″ long

2 exterior strips, 4.5″ long

2 interior strips, 4″ long

strips needed for a pocket
strips needed for a pocket


Take the 2 sets of 8.5″ strips and overlap them by 1/4″, attaching lengthwise:

Then put them on top of each other so you have a piece that’s got the interior on one side, the exterior on the other side. Do not worry too much about getting the edges perfect, as the top and bottom will be trimmed, and the sides will be covered over to join them with other pockets.

On the exterior side, attach the two exterior 6″ strips centered on the existing “fabric”. See below – make sure that if you have a pattern, it is oriented such that on both the 6″ pieces, the pattern faces in the direction opposite of the directionality of the original fabric. See below – on the horizontal strips the owls are facing “up”. This is correct.

Turn the piece over, and fold over the bottom piece. Now the pattern is right-side up! 

Fold the sticky tape edges over the back , so you have a little pocket.

Fold the top edge similarly, except fold down an extra 1/4″ of fabric, so the sticky edges aren’t flush with the top edge, like this:

Fold over the sticky part and attach, and then cut off the 1/4″ at the top:

Here’s what the pocket looks like with a circular needle in it – it holds it well, but let’s make a backing for it.

Take the 2 exterior 4.5″ pieces and the 2 interior 4″ pieces – overlap the exterior pieces by 1/4″ on the long side:

Then add both interior pieces:

Now stick the sticky part to the top of the pocket, on the exterior side. Now your pocket looks like this:

After making a few of these and testing them out, I realized the join between the top and bottom part of the pocket was a little floppy, so I reinforced it with a 4″ strip of interior – it’s hard to see in this picture, but you can see I didn’t get the reinforcement quite perfect:

Now…make another pocket!

Then join them with a piece of exterior tape like this:

Here’s 2 pockets in use:

Here’s a 4-pocket wallet being folded:

Here is the wallet itself folded. I ended up putting a piece of tape on the top of my wallets so I could toss them in a bag:

I love this design because it was easy to make, and it’s super easy to modify. You can write the size on the pocket (I did that in Sharpie, see the first picture), you can put circular and double pointed needles in it, you can modify it with a “taller” back so it can hold straights if you want.

If, right now, you don’t have any size 2 needles, you  can decide to make a pocket for it and have it be empty, or you can skip the pocket. When you get a size 2 needle, you can make a new pocket and insert it into the right place (cut the tape that holds the pockets together and use new tape to add in the new pocket).

I made 3 “wallets” with 6 pockets each – one with needles from size 0-4 (owls/silver), another with needles from size 5-9 (green/beige), and a third with needles from size 10-17. That last one is very bulky.


I hope you enjoyed the tutorial….how do you store your needles? is it working out for you?


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