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March Guild Meeting: Alasdair Post-Quinn
March 26, 2017

Quick! Guild Trivia: Did you know Alasdair Post-Quinn was one of the founding members of the guild?

Alasdair is one of the masters of double knitting, which is a type of knitting that creates a a finished object with no wrong sides. You’re kind of knitting two fabrics at once!

Alasdair has a great new book out, Double or Nothing, the followup to his 2011 book Extreme Double-Knitting. Alasdair opened his talk by speaking a little about the history of double knitting, which doesn’t actually date back that far!

Then Alasdair shared a bit of his crafting origin story, which is written up in his new book as well. I really love hearing about how people come to be experts in their fields, especially with knitting because it feels like everyone takes a unique, winding path. Alasdair’s a self-taught knitter, but his path to knitting involved origami and knot tying- which totally makes sense from a fiber engineering perspective.

Then he shared a bit about how his style has evolved since starting to write knitting patterns. He spoke a little bit about what he was exploring or which boundaries he was pushing when designing the pattern. I really encourage you to check out his patterns on his website to see some of the style evolution for yourself!

There are some truly amazing pieces in the new book! Alasdair is playing with double knitting in intarsia, entrelac, and lace (!!), all to amazing effect. Alasdair was also kind enough to bring samples to the lecture as well.

Our next lecture is on May 12, followed by two classes over the weekend! Learn more here.


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