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Guild Meeting
Show and Tell Projects, March 2017
March 22, 2017

Along with Alasdair’s excellent talk, members shared projects at March’s meeting.


Sheeri showed us her Baby Venus by Lucy Neatby, made with Dark Side yarn and Kate Bachus’s rainbow gradient, being modeled by her 1-year-old son.


Mary showed a scarf, from Berocco Vintage and a Fiber Trends pattern, which she had enlarged and expanded.


Alanna was almost finished with Plum Cove (designed by Julia Farwell-Clay) made from Anzula Milky Way yarn.


Heidi showed us the first shawl she ever made, ever-increasing garter stitch, made of Cherry Tree Hill yarn.


Patience made a felted hat from Wonderful Wool and a Fiber Trends pattern. I couldn’t figure out why the pretty ribbon around the top was photographing so brightly, until she told us it is reflective tape!


Margaret showed us her sideways-knitted Allegra Jacket made from Swans Island merino worsted.

Thanks for showing us your projects! Bring more to the May meeting!


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