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March 20, 2017






As your Common Cod Community Coordinator, my aim is to build more community around the Common Cod Fiber Guild in any way that I can. A few years ago, I suggested that the guild create a Meetup account to reach out to different populations of people that we hadn’t reached through Ravelry or Common Cod’s website. Today, we have more than 300 members in our Meetup group, and the number keeps rising!  

Some folks already knew about Common Cod and just joined meetup to get email alerts about stitching sessions and guild talk nights, but quite a few discovered Common Cod through Meetup. Conversely, I’ve found out about really cool fiber-related activities on Meetup because of the groups to which I belong.

What do you think? Have you joined our Meetup group yet? The service is free to Meetup users; give it a try and find another way to connect with Common Cod Fiber Guild.

Let’s Meetup in the spirit of yarn,

Gina, your Community Coordinator  


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