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March Madness in Knit Form
March 16, 2017

Have you guys seen the March Mayhem event over at Mason Dixon Knitting?  Finally a March bracket with which I can meaningfully choose!! The first installment of voting ends Friday 3/17/17 at 3:00 AM. You’ll see some friends of the guild up as some of the choices like Thea Coleman of Baby Cocktails and Julia Farwell-Clay among many others.  

The idea is to choose 8 from each category. The pattern winners will be in the brackets next week and so on and so on! Warning, your favorites or Ravelry queue may grow from the voting process. I discovered 5 sweaters I want to cast on right now! Have you voted? What are your favorite patterns?

Favoriting with mayhem over here,

Gina, your Community Coordinator


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