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Guild Meeting
November Meeting: R.H. Lindsay Wool Merchants
December 19, 2016

This one was a bit different for the guild! Everyone who takes the time to come present at our guild meeting is double or triple threat- an artist and a historian, an artist and a businessperson, etc. I think Phil Lindsey was one of our first presenters who was a business person and a historian. Yet another speaker where I felt like I came away only having scratched the surface of their expertise!

Phil Lindsey is a third generation Boston area wool merchant. He’s doing a lot of the same work his grandfather did- you can check out his website and bio here.

On Friday evening after general guild business and a heathy showing of show and tell, Phil shared the story of his family business, which unsurprisingly overlaps quite a bit with the history of wool and fibers in America! He talked about the early history where wool came into downtown Boston to be distributed to mills around Boston. Then in the 1990s Australia began to send more and more wool to the US, and the market started to dry up for local wool.

Today R.H. Lindsay’s company has a unique position- buying from a number of small and large vendors and being able to sell processed and unprocessed wool for all kinds of purposes. On Saturday Phil had an open house at his warehouse in Canton, MA. Pictures below! We got to see wool in it’s different stages of processing, and pick up some really lovely wool to spin.

Our next meeting is on January 13 for Ignite.

A small section of R. H. Lindsay’s show room in Canton
Phil Lindsay examining wool with a customer
Phil Lindsay examining wool with a customer
A bale of various colors of wool (for industrial purposes I believe)

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