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FiberCamp Series: More Lovely Sponsors
March 11, 2016


Hi Fiber Fanatics!  Counting down the seconds until FiberCamp? I know I am!  I wanted to let you know about a few more fantastic and Lovely sponsors making swag bags and pick a prize raffle possible. Classic Elite Yarns, located in Billerica Massachusetts, has generously donated a mini skein for each swag bag.  Thank you Classic Elite, can’t wait to try more of your Spring Line!

Pretty Yarns by Classic Elite Yarns, Photo Credit also by Classic Elite Yarns

Friend of the guild and local yarn dyer, Diane Ivey will be donating prizes for the pick a prize raffle.  Check out her full body of work at Lady Dye Yarns.  Thanks Diane!

Another giant thanks goes out to The Woolery!  In your swag bag, you’ll find a plastic card with handy weaving information. Not a weaver yet? Well, they can fix that. If you’re not a spinner, they can fix that too! They are a one-stop shop for spinning, dyeing, felting, rug-making, and weaving, plus a selection of knitting and crochet yarns and tools. They carry most of the major brands of spinning wheels, plus bobbins and parts for many brands. And if you want a spinning wheel, you’re also eventually going to want fiber-handling tools, from carders to prep your fiber to skein- and ball-winders to wrangle the finished product. You name it, they probably have it, competitively priced and ready to ship out!

A peek into The Woolery’s brick and mortar store, photo credit, The Woolery

And then there was Rowan.  Rowan, what can I say?  You had me in your grasp when you wrapped Eddie Redmayne tenderly in Rowan intarsia Denim

redmayne rowan
Photo Credit Rowan Yarns, Priceless Image of Actor Eddie Redmayne during his gap year, unforgettable!


Rowan’s font of generosity is unceasing.  They have donated more than 20 fabulous pattern books for the pick a prize raffle.  I know where my tickets are going!

Once again, big thanks to all of the people and companies that have made FiberCamp so fiber filled.  See you all soon!!!



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