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FiberCamp Series: A Circle of Stitches, One of Our Lovely Sponsors
March 8, 2016


We are getting so close to FiberCamp, swag bags, and fun! There is another Lovely Sponsor that we had to talk about before we go crazy with Fiber. Have you heard of the fabulous, year-old, local yarn store, A Circle of Stitches? Ana Campos, store owner, and A Circle of Stitches have been bringing together people and their destined projects for the last year. Meghan Huber (Also a Lovely Sponsor), also known as New England Knitting, teaches from time to time at Circle of Stitches as well, so you know this shop is AWESOME! Big thanks to Ana who has donated passports for each swag bag for the Knit North Yarn Crawl happening March 17th-20th, an activity guaranteed to ease your FiberCamp withdrawal.

Cutest Window Logo Ever! Photo Credit, Ana Campos
To get to know Ana and the shop a little better, I asked her to explain what sets Circle of Stitches apart from the other local yarn shops:
“What sets Circle of Stitches apart is community and expertise. We have an amazing group of knitters and crocheters, and have a friendly, welcoming, and vibrant community.  We also pride ourselves on having extremely knowledgeable staff, and we work hard to make sure everyone’s projects are successful and satisfying. Our goal is to encourage everyone to keep learning and experimenting, so they can grow into the fiber artist they hope to be.”
And because I can’t stop being inspired by everything FiberCamp, SPA 2016, and knitting, of course I had to ask Ana what inspires her:
“What inspires me about the fiber business is helping people find inspiration, accompanying projects, and the amazing fiber community. I love getting to work with people one-on-one on developing their skills and helping them bring their ideas to life – the process of going from concept to yarn to finished object is exciting and fascinating. As we work with customers on various stages of their project, the growing bond and sense of community is an amazing reward. We have just completed our first year in business, and couldn’t have imagined the great community that has grown at Circle of Stitches.”
While I am glad not to have to answer this question, I asked Ana what is her current favorite yarn (I am so cruel!):
We love small companies and hand-dyed yarns. Toil & Trouble is hand dyed here in Salem and will always be a favorite. We also love Shibui Knits and Kelbourne Woolens.”
I don’t know about you, but I am ready to convert some cash into yarn at Circle of Stitches!  Who’s up for a field trip next weekend?
Forever a yarn fan,

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