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SPA 2016: Inspiration Station
March 6, 2016

It can be hard to put into words why it is that fiber folks gather to collect more fiber, specifically to non-fiber folks. Read below a re-enactment of a conversation I had at work on SPA Eve.

Me: I am so excited, I am going away with my friends this weekend to Freeport, Maine!

Co-worker: That sounds fun, what are you guys going to do in Freeport?

Me: Well, it’s a yarn thing. . .

Co-worker: (cue eyes glazing over and nodding for remainder of social exchange)

Me: So we are going to shop, knit, and spin and tell other fiber types about FiberCamp, my next yarn thing.

Co-worker: (backing away slowly) Have a great trip.

And SURE, I did SHOP, I think most of the SPA attendees fell down hard in the awesome vendor booths on site at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Our intrepid Past Prezknit Karen inspecting the stocks of Spunky Eclectic!
A peek into the Mad Color Fiber Arts Booth. Many of your Cod representatives left this booth with lighter wallets.

At least one of my fellow Codders spun, finishing up a fiber bump (is that right Sheeri? Other spinners?).  Also we had ample opportunity to spread the word about FiberCamp (register now before the swag bags are all gone!!!!).

However, upon reflection, one of the main reasons I gather with other fiber folks to collect more fiber is to be inspired.  Inspiration was EVERYWHERE at SPA.  Especially during the shopping.

Photo by SevenSistersArts, heart attack of love by Gina

Seven Sisters, one of the vendors, had tantalizing samples that caught everyone’s attention.  The one I can’t stop thinking about is Lightwaves by Susan Ashcroft; it is a beautiful short row shawl worked in a gradient and contrast solid.  I am dreaming about it at night.  More inspiration was found around every corner.

The famous SPA fashion show wowed attendees with garment after garment laden with inspiration.  A Codder favorite was:

Casey from Portfiber modeling her hand-spun Baa-ble.

Then the city of Freeport offered up its bountiful inspiration with great weather, as well as the LL Bean Home Store that was so homey an impromptu stitch session happened.

This couch is knitworthy! [From KG, I want to buy it! It’s the Pine Point Slipcovered Sectional in colorway Topsider Cloud.]

So the moral of the story is, the next time I get asked about a fiber folk weekend by a non fiber person, I am just going to say that I am looking for inspiration.  Turns out I got even more inspiration than “yarn things.” Thank you SPA, it was a wonderful time as always!

-Gina, Your Roving Reporter Out!


P.S. From Roving Reporter Karen

You guys, YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS!!! My problem was that there was ALL TOO MUCH inspiration at SPA. There are, like, five things I saw there that I want to cast on #rightthissecond #nownownow. And this is on top of my Stitches West purchases and inspiration. And my regular day-to-day yarn purchases and inspiration. And my 5700 UFOs. BUT! Here’s what I want to cast on from SPA:

Karen B. from Vermont (Thanks Shelagh) totally KILLED IT at the SPA Fashion Show with the Drachenfeuer Shawl. Hers was in an amazing rainbow colorway like the one below, but I’ve already ordered my yarn in colors that speak more to me. No, NOT teal! Why do you ask?


And then there are the SPA-bought yarn projects:

PLUS! I jumped on Gina’s inspirational bandwagon and am going to knit the Tin Can Knits Clayoquot Fair Isle cardigan along with her (EEK! STEEKING!).








P.P.S. from Roving Reporter Amanda

I have absolutely no public transportation complaints. I made it from Cambridgeport to Sullivan Station (where Gina picked me up) in record time. It’s a (fiber) Festivus miracle!

This was my first time at SPA. And in the vendor room…I fell down…a lot…highlights of the things that followed me home:

  • Seven Sisters Arts Meridian gradient set in Song Sung Blue (not pictured, but it’s the same set used in the picture above of Lightwaves)…this is likely to join another gradient set in my stash  (or maybe I’ll just buy another…) to become Inara Wrap – there was a sample in the booth (fourth pic down on the Rav page) and it is gorgeous. And then I can pretend I’m hanging out with Captain Tightpants…
  • Ball and Skein Ariane in Blossom…THIS IS SO FREAKING SOFT!!!
  • The Woolen Rabbit Opal in Through the Looking Glass…if a yarn or pattern is themed in Alice in Wonderland, my wallet comes out. It’s an involuntary response…nothing I can do about it.
  • Mad Color Fiber Arts Rapture in Starry Night…I may have a similar problem with Doctor Who-related yarns… (and Firefly – see above)
  • Mad Color Fiber Arts Doolally in Dark Side – yes, same one Karen is talking about above.

Karen and Gina also talked me into showing my Thorn at the fashion show (the pics on my project page are terrible – sorry). It went over well. 🙂

As far as inspiration goes…I’m not usually looking for any, knitting-wise. I’m usually a textbook case of Knit All the Things!! (Which does indeed turn into Knit ALL the Things?!? when I’m on deadlines) Sure, there was Inara, but I’ve had that favorited on Ravelry since October (previous search for gradient projects). I suppose L.L. Bean Home Store inspired me to go with a more beach cottage look in my apartment. I also really want to get married at the Harraseeket Inn…though I should probably, you know, actually be in a committed relationship first…


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  1. That amazing “cloak” in the Fashion Show was knit by Karen B. of the Vermont (14 strong) SPA group. She made it in a month. I am convinced that she does not sleep.

    1. Thank you! I’ve updated the blog to give Karen B. the credit she deserves. See you next Spa!

    2. Thanks for the information, Shelagh; Karen B. deserves all credit for her spectacular work! I can’t believe it only took her a month, but that gives me hope that mine might actually happen.

      (Coincidentally, I think it was you who gave me a Spa Fairy gift of a facecloth with a really cool edging, with instructions to make it. If that was you, thank you for that as well; I love it!)

      1. Yay internet! Bringing stitching folks together!

      2. I love giving Fairy Gifts, glad you liked it!