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FiberCamp Series: Food, Glorious Food
February 17, 2016


FiberCamp Boston 2016 (March 11-13) is our annual urban retreat for fabric and fiber craft enthusiasts, with an emphasis on skill building, skill sharing, and community. FiberCamp kicks off with a Friday night speaker and continues with a weekend of informal mini-classes on smaller, bite-sized ideas and techniques ranging from Fair Isle knitting to quilting to TinkerToy swifts and beyond.

Let’s talk food:

Lunch is an on your own affair at FiberCamp; it is one of the many ways we can keep FiberCamp affordable for all the participants. There is refrigerator space for folks that like to bring their own.  We will also have an area of pot luck food that anyone contribute to or eat (please clearly label your ingredients when bringing a dish).   Sign up here.   The potluck area will be available all weekend and will include hot water for (very good, I swear) instant coffee*, teas and fixings.

Common Cod is lucky to get to hold FiberCamp at the Tang Center a great area of Cambridge that has lots of food choices within walking distance of FiberCamp. (Walking directions, exit through parking lot, walk up Hayward st. and turn left) If you don’t want to bring your own lunch, try one of these restaurants open Saturday and Sunday, Map Here:

The Einstein Brothers Bagels in the MIT Foodcourt, located behind the Coop and the Alewife bound T entrance, is open on Saturday only(Walking directions, exit through parking lot, walk up Hayward st. and turn left, crossing over Main St.):

If willing to walk a little further, there are still more options:

(exit through parking lot, walk up Hayward st and turn left onto Main St, continue down Main St)

  • Legal Seafoods – Saturday 11am-11pm, Sunday 12n-10pm
  • Black Sheep: Kendall Hotel– Reservation required for Dinner, Open for Breakfast and Dinner only on weekends
  • Ames St. Deli – 9:00 AM – 12:30 AM Saturdays, closed Sundays, Breakfast until 11 AM, Lunch 11 AM– 5 PM, Dinner 5 PM– 12:30 AM, Cocktails 11 AM – 12:30 AM, Coffee until 5 PM
  • Tatte Bakery & Cafe– Saturday: 8am–8pm, Sunday: 9am–6pm

Delivery Options:  There are lots of places that do delivery, check carefully, not all places deliver during lunch.  The Tang Center can be difficult to find for inexperienced delivery drivers.  Use caution!

*Most people do like the very good instant coffee, although some do not.  There are many places to grab a coffee if it doesn’t meet your standards 🙂 This has been a coffee public service announcement.


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  1. I might be able to make it this year! May I kindly have more info about location and lodging please……

    1. Hi Lisa,
      That’s great news, you can register here: There is lodging information and location info here Hope this helps!!!