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FiberCamp Series: Meghan Huber, One of Our Lovely Sponsors
February 15, 2016








Hello Fiber Fanatics!

Great News, FiberCamp is less than a month away!!! The guild has been working hard to bring you the best FiberCamp yet. This year, thanks to the sponsorship of many generous supporters, and the dedication of our President Sheeri, we are offering swag bags to our first hundred registrants. Act fast to get yours by registering now!!

Meghan Huber, AKA New England Knitting, is one of our lovely sponsors, as well as a guild member. She is wholly responsible for’s significant web upgrade (thank you Meghan). In other words, she is talented, savvy and a codder. I am sold already. What you may not know is that Meghan is also a knitwear designer and teacher.

The first one hundred registrants will find a coupon to use to try out one of Meghan’s awesome patterns in their swag bags. Her newest is called Maritana; it’s the official pattern of the 2016 Knit North Yarn Crawl.

A little sneak peak of Meghan's newest design!
A little sneak peek of Meghan’s newest design!

She is also teaching an intro to charts and cables class at Circle of Stitches this Wednesday, February 17th from 7:00-9:00 PM. Click on the link to register now.  Thank you Meghan for all your hard work and generosity. See you at Fibercamp!

-Gina, your Community Coordinator


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  1. Snow is falling outside my window, and that knitting looks so squishy and cozy…plus, what a great color combo!

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