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December 3, 2015


It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Common Cod is gearing up for Ignite!  What is Ignite, you ask?  Ignite is a lecture event in which speakers have 5 minutes and 20 pictures in which to teach the audience about a new craft, technique, hobby, or anything handmade.  The unofficial slogan of Ignite is, “enlighten us, but make it quick!” Ignites of the past have included an unbelievably wide range of topics such as: lock-picking, bookbinding, Adult Fans of Legos, gluten free baking, and chocolate making.  To watch some Ignites of the past, click hereThis year Ignite will be held 01/08/16 @ 7:00 PM.

Slides advance automatically on the big screen behind the speaker, here you see Mr. Parkes talk about his chocolate CSA
A lovely group of Ignite participants from 2013, See they are all smiling, so it MUST be fun!


So, I think we can all agree that Ignite sounds like a lot of fun.  You may be wondering how you can get in on it.  Here’s how:

  1. Give a talk. No, really; you CAN do it. It’s only 5 minutes. I did it, survived, and had fun too! Tell us about what you’ll talk about here, and don’t worry, we’re taking proposals through December 8, 2015.
  2. So you definitely don’t want to talk, okay, I’ll accept it.  Do your part by attending, and bring someone that you think will love it too.  This is the only meeting of the year that non-members can attend for FREE. Get your tickets here; bring all your friends!!!

Hope to see you there!

Gina, your Community Coordinator



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