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November Yarnings
November 23, 2015

Yarnings are yarn yearnings. What do you want to be enabled to acquire? What has you really inspired?

This month I am yarning for Touch Me Due yarn, particularly in the Rosy colorway below.


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This Chenille Yarn (yes chenille, stay with me, I promise it will be ok) is special because it is made with real, honest to goodness wool. This means something fabulous happens when it is felted. My yarning originated from Susan’s blog post from The Rainey Sisters, an all around inspirational and enabling place if you ask me. I love the hand the fabric takes on after it is felted. Check out the video on The Rainey Sister’s blog to see what I mean. While you’re at it, take a peek at her fabulous Vintage Velvet scarf on Ravelry. Touch Me Due happens to be on Sale via Jimmy Bean’s Wool, so resistance may be futile. Who else has a yarning? Tell us about it in the comments, let’s have enabling and inspiration go every which way.

Trying not to enlarge my stash,



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