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Holiday Crafting
November 19, 2015

holidaypicknittingSo it’s here. The time of year where fiber-inclined folk can be known to work themselves into a frenzy crafting handmade items with love for the special people in their lives. Now some crafters attack this season with a spreadsheet, a curated stash, and a reasonable list of gift recipients.
Then there’s me. I’ve tried the spreadsheet thing, the reasonable list of gift recipients, the starting in August thing, but it just doesn’t work for me. I cast on projects with wild abandon and finish maybe ⅓ of what I start (so far). So what do I do for holiday knitting? I’ll tell you, friends, hats and cowls to a select few relatives. Below are some of my highly recommended holiday knitting projects that take a short amount of satisfying knitting time and yield successful results.

Fish Hat Even the non-knitter finds these floppy stash-busting hats amusing. I put them in a yearly gift swap and people fight over them (yes I know, surprising!)

Turn A Square Easy beanie-style hat with fun decreases.

Honey Cowl Looks difficult but really quite simple. While written for DK, it works just fine in worsted/aran.

Sweeney Todd Scarf Garter stitch on the bias — fairly mindless knitting that’s good for commuting, Netflix bingeing, or listening to speakers at Guild meetings. But not boring!

Basic Cable Hat I (Amanda) made this for my brother for Christmas several years ago. He immediately put it on…and then was shocked to find out I had made it! (He thought our mom had picked it up at Gap.)

The Amanda Hat No, I didn’t design it. But everyone I’ve made it for has loved it.

Shawl Collared Cowl: My go-to project this season, it gives me the perfect excuse to buy more buttons.


What are your go to holiday patterns?  Leave us some links in the comments below.

Yours in stitches,

Gina, Amanda and Karen


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