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Ignite Craft 2015 videos!
April 3, 2015

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Enlighten us, but make it quick!

We are so pleased to have the Ignite Craft Boston 2015 videos online. Each video is about 5 minutes long, presenting craft and community. For those who want to see all the videos, go straight to the youtube playlist. If you want to pick and choose the videos to see, we have listed all the titles one-by-one, and then the titles and their descriptions.

The Healing Power of Craft – Joanna Weston

Putting the “Craft” in Craft Brew – Will Lefevers

The Many Ways to Quilt a Sandwich – Alanna Nelson

Spend Wisely, Waste Less, Appreciate More – Sarah-Grace Farrar

What Is a Home Knitting Machine, and What Can It Do? – Ann Gibson

Night Photography around Boston – Jurgen Lobert

FiberCamp 2015 – Gina Balzano

Powerpoint Karaoke – Emily, Alice and Ira

Balloon Jamming – Sara Krakauer

Tickling Sheep – Kelly Corbett

How Can I Can? – Willa Bandler

I Can’t Wait To Play – Michael Anastasia

Food Biker™: The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox – Seth Diamond

Backyard Bundles – Amy Stein

Lacto-Fermenting: Just Add Salt! – Sheeri Cabral


Talks and their descriptions:

The Healing Power of Craft (Youtube video)
Joanna Z. Weston (

I have used crafting (mostly crochet, but also spinning, embroidery, and myriad others) to deal with depression, anxiety, and every day stress for years (even before I consciously knew that was what I was doing). And I’m not alone! There is current research, done by scientists in the UK, that shows that knitting can be used to heal and cope with a myriad of ills, from mental health issues to chronic illnesses and pain management. While the research primarily focuses on knitting, those findings can apply to other crafts, as well. I have compiled some easy ways for anyone to use their favorite craft to better cope with the difficult times that life throws at them.

Joanna Z. Weston has been dabbling in various crafts since grade school. She currently favors crochet and drop spinning, but has experimented with embroidery, jewelry making, weaving, felting, and probably some others that she’s forgotten. She is also a life coach, and loves to help women use crafts to deal with problems of depression, anxiety, and self-confidence.

Putting the “Craft” in Craft Brew (Youtube video)
Will Lefevers

A quick overview of the process and materials required to make world-class beer in your kitchen, strictly with equipment you can build for yourself or buy at your corner hardware store. *Anyone* can make great homebrew.

Will Lefevers is a hacker, mentor, and beer engineer. He’s been brewing for ten years and has done every style and method imaginable. He’s started homebrew clubs in three different cities, each focused on the soul of brewing; ingenuity.

The Many Ways to Quilt a Sandwich (Youtube video)
Alanna Nelson (

Not long ago, quilting conjured images of women gathered around a quilting frame, stitching patiently. Today, you can quilt the “sandwich” (i.e., the top, fluffy innards and back) by hand or with a variety of hand or computer guided machines.

Textiliphiliac and content marketer, Alanna Nelson works and plays with woven and knit textiles. A co-founder of the Common Cod Fiber Guild, she loves spreading the word about creative endeavors wherever she finds them.

Spend Wisely, Waste Less, Appreciate More (Youtube video)
Sarah-Grace Farrer of the Pretty Nostalgic Society (

“Spend Wisely, Waste Less, and Appreciate More” is the motto of the Pretty Nostalgic society, who aim to live more creatively and sustainably. Originally, the society was a magazine which was being published in the UK, and I loved all of the ideas it contained. I very much wanted to share these ideas when I moved from London to Boston. After attending a seminar on fermenting my own foods at Somerville Skill Share, a friend and I decided got a group of friends together to ferment our own foods and enjoyed the occasion so much, we set up our own group who get together each month to try out different creative and sustainable activities. I plan to share these ideas with others so perhaps someone else may be inspired to try one too or set up their own society with friends.

My name is Sarah and I have been living in the States for just over a year now. I wanted to share about a group I set up after attending a seminar on fermenting my own foods at Somerville Skill Share that a friend and I decided we should do this too. We got a group of friends together to ferment our own foods and enjoyed the occasion so much, we set up our own group who get together each month, under this motto, to try out different craft activities. Since fermenting our own foods we have also:
– Made our own beauty products; e.g. body cream and deodorant
– Created beeswax wrap, a great reusable alternative to saran wrap
– Made fire cider

What Is a Home Knitting Machine, and What Can It Do? (Youtube Video)
Ann Gibson (

Photos and information about mechanical home knitting machines with automatic patterning capabilities. Techniques that can be done easily and automatically, and a few that require more time and effort.

Ann Gibson has been knitting since 1987 and machine knitting since 2009. She lives in Maynard with her husband, two children, and three knitting machines.

Night Photography around Boston (Youtube video)
Jurgen M Lobert, organizer of the Greater Boston Night Photographers meetup (,

Nightscapes are photos taken after dark, hauntingly beautiful views of captured time and deepened colors. Night photography transforms the familiar and creates serene views of our surrounding, revealing beauty in the mundane. The images relay a profound peace from roaming the night and capturing time, where clouds and cars become streaks, water ripples smooth over and stars form trails in the sky.

Jurgen is a fine art photographer and teacher specializing in night and long exposure photography. Chemist by training, photographer by passion, organizer for a night photo meetup group and presenter at camera clubs and art organizations.

FiberCamp 2015 (Youtube video)
Gina Balzano

FiberCamp is Common Cod’s signature annual weekend of fiber-y goodness. This talk will focus on the what, where, why, and how of Fibercamp, and why you should definitely attend this year!

Gina Balzano is the Community Coordinator for Common Cod Fiber Guild. This is her third year of membership and second year on the board. In her spare time, Gina likes to start knitting projects and hang out with her husband and their dog Zelda.

Balloon Jamming (Youtube video)
Sara Krakauer of Globe Twisting (,

Have you ever wondered what balloon twisters do when they get together? If you haven’t, you should! Not only can talented balloon artists create amazing sculptures with just a few small pieces of latex, but there’s a lot to learn from the way they play together. Sara Krakauer is a middle school teacher who has been attending balloon twisting conventions and working part time as a balloon twister since 2006. This presentation will give you a taste of one of Sara’s favorite balloon convention traditions: the Jam Room.

Sara Krakauer teaches 5th and 6th grade Social Studies at Innovation Academy Charter School, and has a passion for all things global. She also has her own freelance balloon twisting business, GlobeTwisting. Sara has shared her passions for both innovation education and balloons in many countries around the world, including Mali, Guatemala, Japan, and Ukraine.

Tickling Sheep (Youtube video)
Kelly Corbett of Romney Ridge Farm (

The story of how an Artist/Shepherdess found her happy place and makes her living raising sheep, sorting thorough thousands of pounds of wool and engineering her yarns. The story of feeding the soul with color and daily infusions of art, muddy boots … and tickling sheep chins.

Kelly Corbett describes herself as an Artist/Shepherdess. Each and every day is filled with the creativity that she needs to feed her soul. And her soul is always hungry! On her farm in Woolwich, Maine, Kelly produces beautiful hand-dyed yarns. From her own sheep and Angora goats, she creates seasonal yarns, and from wools she purchases from her fellow Maine sheep farms comes a 100% wool line of yarns hand-dyed in striking colors.

How Can I Can? (Youtube video)
Willa Bandler

The basics of home canning as far as safety, what kinds of things are good for beginners to can, and what basic equipment is needed. People have all kinds of ideas about canning: it’s scary, botulism, pressure canners exploding, yikes! But also the converse, that it’s so easy you can make up your own rules. In fact, there’s simple scientific information freely available to make home canning safe and straightforward. This presentation will show how to get started with confidence.

Willa Bandler has always made things, from cooking to crafting to construction. Laura Ingalls Wilder made a big impression on her, and so did her mom, who built the house Willa grew up in more or less by herself, from excavation to roofing, and taught her to think about how things are made. Food preservation is just one part of that. Willa is not a food professional, but she does love the taste of real farm-fresh tomatoes in the dead of winter!

I Can’t Wait To Play (Youtube video)
Michael Anastasia

1846 is a board game about railroads in the Midwest that is quite hard to get – the waiting list for a professionally made copy is 3 years long! I’ll talk about how I redrew the game with custom art and built the components it to be just as good as the original.

I’ve known that I loved games since I saw my first 8-sided die at the age of seven. When I’m not playing, crafting, or thinking about games, I do software engineering at Raytheon BBN Technologies in Cambridge, MA.

Food Biker™: The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox (Youtube video)
Seth Diamond, Host and Executive Producer, Food Biker/Restaurant Racer (

Have you ever thought of channeling your passion for a craft towards a career? In this talk on combining multidisciplinary skills and interests to build a business, Seth Diamond, the host of Food Biker™, a culinary motorcycle web/TV show currently in production, unpacks what he calls “The Entrepreneurial Toolbox.” In 5 minutes, Seth will take you on a whirlwind tour of the 20 different “tools” he uses to turn his dreams into multimedia reality.

Seth Diamond is the host and and executive producer of Food Biker™, a culinary motorcycle web/TV show on which he motorcycles around America, cooks with other chefs, and meets with experts in the food and beverage world. A former medical student and a career changer, Seth graduated Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, interned on PBS’ Simply Ming and America’s Test Kitchen, passed the Court of Master Sommeliers Introductory Sommelier Examination, and is the President of the Black Diamond Group, LLC and Complete Breakfast Productions.

Backyard Bundles (Youtube video)
Amy Stein of Make Out! (

A brief introduction to the wonders of printing & dyeing fabric with whats available in your backyard, kitchen cupboard, flower vase and trash.

I am a bona-fide fiber addict. Our family lives in Somerville and I host a monthly gathering called MAKE OUT! at the Armory. I work and teach at Stitch House in Dorchester.

Lacto-Fermenting: Just Add Salt! (Youtube video)
Sheeri Cabral (

Lactofermenting is experiencing a huge resurgence lately. And why not? It’s as easy as putting vegetables in a container, adding salt, and waiting. Learn how to make sauerkraut, pickles, salsa and even ketchup in this talk….and then sample the outcome after the talk!

Sheeri Cabral is the treasurer of the Common Cod Fiber Guild. She loves to knit, spin, sew, and experiment with food crafts.


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