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Crowdsourced Fashion!
March 29, 2015

For the second year in a row, Saturday of FiberCamp wrapped up with a fashion show to delight and inspire our creative audience. Interspersed with the fashion show, we had raffle drawings for a new format of raffle, where everyone could choose which prizes to enter for, so everyone who won something went home happy with it. And at just a dollar a ticket, some people bought yards and yards of them. The more the merrier! We thought this format was pretty successful all around, though of course FiberCamp can always use new ideas. What did you think?

Many thanks to the models for sharing their creations, the board and volunteers for pulling this event off so sucessfully, and the generous donors of our raffle prizes: Fabric Place Basement, Rowan Yarns, Classic Elite Yarns, and Dorchester’s very own Stitch House.

All the Thorn shawls and WIPs together

This year, for the FiberCamp fashion show, we did it a little differently–instead of limiting the show to designers, we invited you to come up and show your stuff. Many of you did, and the variety of amazing handcrafts was really a sight to behold. And we had some continuity–not only did we have two finished and two WIP versions of Bristol Ivy’s Thorn (a pattern which made its public debut at our fashion show last year),

…and Peg, whose Thorn fit in the group photo where she got cut off!

there was also a lovely aran sweater knitted by Dee from Alison Green’s Gawain pattern, which was new at least to some of us last year. Surely the audience held some other examples of designs by 2014 fashion show designers, too!

Dee's Gawain
Dee’s Gawain
Jeannette’s Entwined shawl

After that, Jeannette showed her Entwined shawl (designed by Deby Lake), Erin showed two shawls (Brickless by Martina Behm and Topography by Melissa Stajda), Mary showed her Icelandic sweater (from a Craftsy class by Ragga Eiriksd├│ttir), and Megan made faces at us but still looked adorable in her Charlie Hat by Nora Swisher.






Mary’s perfectly normal Icelandic sweater…
Surprise octopodes inside Mary's sweater facing!
Surprise octopodes inside Mary’s sweater facing!


Lisa’s Town & Country pullover


Lisa looked cosy in her Town and Country Pullover by Lisa Lloyd, Betsy sparkled in her Trousseau by Carol Feller (the yarn is Sheepy Time Knits Sparkle Lace), but no mere adult could outshine Kina’s little ones, who modeled Gzzz Fall Cardigan Bundle by Bryndi Zazueta and Oriental Lily by Georgie Hallam.

Gzzz Fall Cardigna; shy model!
Gzzz Fall Cardigan; shy model!
Kina’s daughter shows off her Oriental Lily
Joanna's Ombeline
Joanna’s Ombeline
Ann's Girl Friday
Ann’s Girl Friday

Joanna’s crocheted Ombeline Cardigan by Sylvie Damey and Anna’s Darcy by Kim Hargreaves both showed how flattering a well-fitted garment can be, and impressively, Anna says hers is the result of extensive reworking, including steeking, to get it down to the correct size. It came out just right in the end!






Another heavily modified design is Ann’s Girl Friday by Meredith Tarasovich-Clark. Sometime you should ask Ann about the way she constructed that collar, because the least crazy thing it involved was a tubular cast-on stretching all the way along the edge of the front opening and neckline.

My Zoey Star beret, silk top and skirt

I had to be different, of course, so I showed two sewed garments, a 3/4 circle skirt and a top cut on the bias, both silk (check out Fabric Place Basement in Natick and Sewfisticated in Framingham for really affordable silks!), both made without a bought pattern. I did return to the fold with the Zoey Star Beret by Cassie Castillo in my own handspun yarn. It didn’t really have anything to do with the silk, except color, but what can you do?

You can't see the beads in the photo, but we promise you Rebecca's shawl is bedazzled.
You can’t see the beads in the photo, but we promise you Rebecca’s shawl is bedazzled.

Rebecca showed us why she was the go-to girl for a beaded knitting session with her Princess and the Pea by Lily Go.


Coco Chanel had nothing on Mary Ellen!
Coco Chanel had nothing on Mary Ellen!
Hand-dyed striped weft shows up beautifully on the back of the jacket!
Hand-dyed striped weft shows up beautifully on the back of the jacket!

And last but certainly not least, Mary Ellen modeled this flawless jacket, which she sewed herself out of her own handwoven fabric, with gradient-dyed weft. Too often, weavers leave the garments with tailoring and shaping to knitters and those who sew machine-made fabrics, so it was great to see the beautiful results when someone isn’t afraid to cut and sew handwoven cloth!


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