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The Handknit Runway – Thea Colman
March 27, 2014

This is the 7th article in the 8-part series, The Handknit Runway.
Part 1 – Introduction, with links to all the posts in the series.


Thea Colman (Ravelry patterns, website, babycocktails on Ravelry, twitter) is such a committed mom, she held a friend’s baby throughout her portion of the fashion show! She’s also such a committed mom that she designed the lace cowl Bastille, which she wore during the show, as an homage to her daughter’s favorite band. This is another one that was really hard to do justice in casual snapshots, as it is a lacy piece in an intense dark green yarn, so do click through Bastille’s pattern page to see the Ravelry pictures! And you can click on any of these images to get larger images.

Brandied Cherry is comfortably loose. Details like armscye fit and neckline shaping make it more flattering than most boxy sweaters, and the ribbed textures give it a hint of shaping. Note how the bottom has no ribbing or hem, it just stops at the cables. And check out the cable detail!



Getting ready for spring in a way that only a knitwear designer would think of, Thea designed Paloma to look like spring had sprung while keeping the wearer warm in wintry temperatures. Doesn’t it look like a sweater you would simply live in? She even gave it pockets to keep your hands warm when you’re too proud to wear mittens in March!


Thea’s last design of the show was Vodka Lemonade, a springy design which has been knit over a thousand times – and we are just counting the people took pictures and created Ravelry projects linked to the pattern. We think there might be something to this one!






Alison Green’s touch of lace patterns are next…


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