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The Handknit Runway – Alison Green
March 27, 2014

This is the last article in the 8-part series, The Handknit Runway.
Part 1 – Introduction, with links to all the posts in the series.

Alison Green (Ravelry patterns, website, alisonknits on Ravelry,twitter) brought the show to a close with five classic sweaters destined to be wardrobe staples for anyone who knits them. Here she is wearing one of her cardigans, Petronia, with its lavish, unusual diamond-textured stitch pattern. Click on any image to see a bigger version.





Kearsarge is a sporty, zippered cardigan with a border of eyelets and cables

Below is Guild President Karen Gareis modeling Bernhardt – a drapey, open cardigan with an eyelet and rib border going the opposite direction than the one on Kearsarge – looking like it was knit just for her, including the perfect color! Check out the detail (on right).



These designs are all amazing, but we did manage to get the models to give all Alison’s sweaters back, including Thaxter, another perfect fit. Thaxter has a cabled edge around its curved hem, adding just the right amount of weight so it hangs beautifully.






The very last sweater, appropriately, was Gawain, riding off into the unknown. Do the undulating double asymmetrical cables down the back represent his horse’s gallop? Does the saddle shoulder portray the bridge? Could the unique cabled neckline edging be the Holy Grail itself? Could be that we have stretched this poor knitting metaphor entirely too far? (Can blocking fix our metaphor?).



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