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The Handknit Runway – Misa Erder
March 24, 2014

This is the 3rd article in the 8-part series, The Handknit Runway.
Part 1 – Introduction, with links to all the posts in the series.

Who is Misa Erder? Ravelry patterns, website, craftivore on Ravelry, twitter

This is Misa Erder, in her Owl and the Pussycat dress (which unfortunately, has not been written up – Note: click on any photo to get a bigger image):
Misa Erder and her Owl and the Pussycat dress

Look at this incredible detail!

detail of Misa Erder's Owl and the Pussycat dress







Another amazing pattern that is not yet written up is Shuffle. Just look at the intricate pattern the floats make, giving this vest a totally reversible fabric!
Detail of Misa Erder's Shuffle reversible vest
Misa Erder's Shuffle reversible vest


detail of Misa Erder's premier dress pattern

Misa premiered a new pattern at the fashion show! For this dress, she’s toying with the names “flotsam” or “dirga” – the room preferred the latter. The pattern is not yet on Ravelry, but she said you can tweet @craftivore if you’d buy this pattern once it’s available!

detail of Misa Erder's premier dress pattern

This uses Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift yarn from Scotland. The neckline and armholes are steeked, and the bottom is a stockinette band with a reverse stockinette/purl row for the hem.



These two of Misa Erder’s patterns are available on Ravelry, the Ticker Tape scarf (customize it with your own words!) and the Vagabond mitts.

Misa Erder's Vagabond fingerless mitts and Ticker Tape

Misa’s portion of the show ended with a magnum opus – her Ex Libris book jacket. Misa has created many book covers professionally, but prior to this one they were all printed, not knit. Click through the project link – the back includes an ISBN, and the flap includes her picture. Really amazing stuff. There’s no pattern for this, because it’s so personal and depends on the size of the book, but it’s amazing to see what comes out of Misa’s mind!

Misa Erder's Ex Libris book

Next up – Ellen Mason, who is a powerhouse of knitting and sewing.


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