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The Handknit Runway – Bristol Ivy
March 24, 2014

This is the 4th article in the 8-part series, The Handknit Runway.
Part 1 – Introduction, with links to all the posts in the series.

Bristol Ivy (Ravelry patterns, website, BristolIvy on Ravelry, twitter) designs for the modern aesthetic. Her pieces take traditional constructions and turn them upside down, take them apart at the seams (or elsewhere), and put them back together to form something new. For example, Wainwright is cast on at the hips – the bottom side. Click on any image to get a bigger picture.

Bristol Ivy's Wainwright cardigan, frontBristol Ivy's Wainwright cardigan, back

Here, she explains that Stria is constructed like a shawl at first, then turned into a cardigan.

Bristol Ivy's Stria cardigan

Here are some close-ups of Stria:
Bristol Ivy's Stria cardigan, by AlannaBristol Ivy's Stria cardigan, by Alanna

Bristol Ivy's Thorn, by Alanna
Bristol herself is wearing Thorn, a deceptively simple almost-triangular shawl that flutters like a gingko leaf thanks to graduated increases (at right).

Then we got a look at Messaline (below), a sweater that drapes beautifully and has assymetric cabling.


Bristol Ivy's Messaline, by Alanna

Bristol’s premier pattern at the fashion show is called Oranmore. While Oranmore looks like a pretty vanilla top-down raglan, in fact the sleeve cable continues right on across the back neckline:
Bristol Ivy's Messaline, by Alanna

The front is equally stunning, with some varied length cables:
Bristol Ivy's Oranmore, by Alanna

Next up: Julia Farwell-Clay’s designs.


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