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The Handknit Runway – Amy Christoffers
March 24, 2014

This is the 2nd article in the 8-part series, The Handknit Runway.
Part 1 – Introduction, with links to all the posts in the series.

Amy Christoffers (Ravelry patterns, website, savoryknitting on Ravelry, twitter)
started the fashion show off with the sleek cardigan Linney. (Note: click on any photo to get a bigger image)

Amy Christoffers' Linney cardigan

What a comfy sweater to wear, and it even has pockets! here’s a view of the back:

The back of Amy Christoffers' Linney cardigan



Then, a pop of bright orange with White Pine. It turns out it is hard to photograph fuzzy orange things indoors in the evening, did you know? But this is a really flattering cardigan in lovely textured stitch patterns. Here’s a close-up of some of the texturing (remember, you can click on all of these images to get a bigger image):
close-up detail of Amy Christoffers' White Pines cardigan


Pinoli is a cozy zippered hoodie; here’s Julia describing its fine points:

Amy Christoffers' Pinoli cardigan


The crowd favorite seemed to be Maxfield, which, we were assured, is actually not as complex to knit as it looks like.

Amy Christoffers' Maxfield cardiganAmy Christoffers' Maxfield cardigan









Amy’s designs finished with Long Sands, with its sand-dune-like rippled front.

Amy Christoffers' Maxfield cardiganAmy Christoffers' Long Sands cardigan

Next up – Misa Erder’s amazing colors!


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