(617) 506-9263
March 15 – 16
October 14, 2013

Three cheers for this great community-created conference!

FiberCamp sprouts from the idea that everyone has something to share and teach. Share your passion, learn from your peers, and connect with your community!

Come to learn, present or teach a session. Enjoy sharing bite-sized ideas and techniques.  Sessions last year ranged from beginning Fair Isle knitting, quilting, pattern making, weaving and spinning. Some presentations might be demonstration-only or completely PowerPoint-based.  Others are hands-on. This conference is powered by the people who attend.   You are part of the conversation.

How can you boost FiberCamp?

This fall, we’ll start meeting to take last year’s suggestions and critiques and identify ways to improve the FiberCamp experience.  We’ll also create our publicity strategy.  Our goal is to open session requests, session offers and registration early in 2014.  If you want to help with the preliminary work, just let us know by emailing guild at common cod dot com.

Can’t wait for another weekend of fibery goodness!


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