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Ignite Craft FiberCamp 2013 Wrap Up
January 23, 2013

Wrap up, summarize, encapsulate… Is it possible to describe the sum of the vibrant creative pulse, occasional beeps of chaos, and sense of camaraderie?  I’ll try, but help us out and share your impressions in the comments.  Let’s start with Ignite Craft on Friday night.

Ignite Craft Boston 2013


Twelve speakers hit the stage as more than 150 people filled the room, sparking a lively night of dropped jaws, new perspectives, and inspiration.  Three volunteers spiced up the interval with Ignite Karaoke, the 3-minute talk where the speaker has no idea what will show up on the screen. Thanks again to Grey’s Fabric and MIT for sponsoring the evening.  We’re mixing up the videos now and will post them on our YouTube Channel.

On to FiberCamp! On Saturday and Sunday, FiberCampers facilitated 32 separate sessions where their fellow FiberCampers could learn about and try activities including sewing, weaving, nalbinding, crochet, knitting, spinning — plus a lot of socializing among the 57 attendees. Some sessions were repeated on Day 2 due to popular demand, which is a great benefit of the flexibility of a community-created unconference like FiberCamp. Based on requests and informal conversations among attendees, it’s very easy to add a new session on the second day.

A new feature of FiberCamp this year was the pop-up vendors who either nabbed a slot in the schedule or displayed their wares in the registration area. We would love to see even more vendors in 2014! FiberCampers shared so many great things, and several sessions were led jointly, so everyone could benefit from each other’s experience.

Amigurumi By Rachel Gogan
Amigurumi went wild in Rachel Gogan’s session.

Amy King at FiberCamp 2013

We had a good wrap-up session with lots of enthusiasm and good ideas for next year’s edition. Working with wikis and adapting to the community-created “unconference” format are still new turf for many attendees.  There’s agreement that once you let go, look at the schedule as a smorgasbord, and sample as you will, the opportunities are awesome!

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped with admissions, registration, A/V, hauling food and drink, spreading the word, and just plain being part of the community.

We’d love to hear and see your Ignite and FiberCamp impressions!  Of course, FiberCamp attendees can give suggestions for next year on the wiki, but please comment below or link to your blog posts, Pinterest boards, or what have you to share your experience.  As usual, we do have a Flickr group for the Common Cod Fiber Guild as well as FiberCamp, so let’s share and compare!



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  1. Well, I’ve posted my photos in the Flickr group, and here’s my blog post on the weekend.

  2. I’m still processing all of the things I learned at FiberCamp; my brain is full in a really good way! I need to practice some of these new skills so I don’t lose them, though. I’ve already been dabbling in crochet, which I finally “got” (thanks, Rachel!), and Dorset buttons (thanks, Willa!). I have great plans for cabling without a cable needle (thanks, Beth!), Kitchener stitch (thanks, Dee!), and Fair Isle (thanks, Alanna, Rebecca, Martina, and Yvonne!)