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Gale Zucker Talk Wrap-Up
November 19, 2012

The Common Cod Fiber Guild’s guest for November was Gale Zucker, who shared “10 Tips & Tricks for Fabulous Photography – Knitwear & Beyond.” Gale showed us lots of her gorgeous and evocative photographs, told us the stories behind the shots, and analyzed what made them work so well — or, in the case of a few outtakes, not work as well. Her clear and jargon-free tips could all be put to use immediately to enhance our pictures of knitwear, people in knitwear, people not in knitwear (but why would you not be in knitwear, especially in November?), sheep, sheep in knitwear, or anything else we want to capture with our cameras.

Gale’s photographs aren’t just technically accomplished. What makes them so compelling is the way they tell a story. There’s movement and personality and idiosyncrasy and color and interesting juxtaposition. They grab your eye, but also your mind. Who knew that even inanimate knitwear has a story if you just listen for it? Like “I’m made of luscious cashmere; observe my mighty halo!” I may never look at knitwear — or, indeed, anything else — in quite the same way again. If you missed Gale, she’s coming back in the spring to do another intensive workshop through Elissa’s Creative Warehouse.

Gale is the co-author with Joan Tapper of Craft Activism: People, Ideas, and Projects from the New Community of Handmade and How You Can Join In, chosen for Best Books of 2011 by both Library Journal and Amazon. Gale and Joan also co-authored Shear Spirit, and Gale photographed Wearwithall: Knits for Your Life and Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines.

The next Common Cod Fiber Guild event is an entire winter weekend filled with crafty and fibery awesomeness. Our upcoming guild meeting on Friday, January 11th features version 3.0 of the immensely popular Ignite Craft Boston, a series of juicy 5-minute talks on every craft imaginable, from knitting to beekeeping, from steer horn carving to beer brewing (see past talks here; submit your own idea for a talk here). Next, the guild will host FiberCamp Boston, two solid days of fiber craft sampling (whee!), on Saturday and Sunday, January 12th and 13th. Calendarize and sign up for these now: Ignite Craft is free, but requires registration due to limited space, and FiberCamp has discounts for early birds.


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