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Guild Meeting
No Wrong Way
July 28, 2011

Annie Modesitt will tell us that and more on September 9, our first meeting of the 2011-2012 programming year.

Annie Modesitt
Annie Modesitt joins the Guild for its first meeting of the season.

In true Annie form, she’ll investige various methods of creating knit fabric, and – in a larger sense – creating a life.  Patient, respectful and embracing love can be found within any of our passions, the trick is to USE our passion to enhance the love we can find in the rest of our lives.  Sprinkled with jokes, anecdotes and pithy ‘how to’ segments, this lecture will make you laugh and make you think!

Annie Modesitt is rumored to have been kidnapped by a band of roving Methodists and raised as one of their own in Ohio, where she never learned to knit.

In her mid-20’s a friend showed her the knit stitch, but withheld the purl stitch for personal reasons so Annie was forced to ‘make it up’ herself.  This led to an unusual purl manipulation which has stunned and amazed audiences from San Diego, California to St. Andrews, Scotland.

Annie knits using the Combination method, believes that there is no ONE right way to knit, hold your yarn, create fabric or live your life.  There are, however, MANY right ways to be a good knitter and a fine human being.


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