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Guild Meeting
A Lifetime of Textiles… Loro Piana, Linhe, and Lowell
July 7, 2010
Jim Coleman
Jim Coleman

7pm, July 9th, 2010
Common Cod Guild Meeting
32 Vassar St., Cambridge, MA
Room 32-155

Jim Coleman , a local fiber community power house, has spent his life dedicated to the textile industry. In his career working for Forté Cashmere Company in Woonsocket, RI, he has traveled the world to bring in the finest quality products from places like China, the former USSR, and Eastern Europe. After leaving the industry in 2005 he has taken on the position as President/CEO/Director of the American Textile History Museum.

In his talk “A Lifetime of Textiles… Loro Piana, Linhe and Lowell” he will share both his career and the issues and challenges facing the most significant combined collection of textile materials, library & ephemera in the Americas if not the world. This talk will be a very interesting blend of industry and non-profit parts of the fiber community in the Boston area.


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