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Knitting on the Edge (of the internet)
December 31, 2009
Julia Farwell-Clay
Julia Farwell-Clay

Jan 8th, 7pm
32 Vassar St., Cambridge, MA
Room 32-123

The guild is thrilled to announce Julia Farwell-Clay will kick off the FiberCamp Boston as our guest speaker.

While still shocking to many internet geeks, developers, and even many in the fiber community, knitting is a very powerful force on the internet. Julia Farwell-Clay, Features Director at Twist, will share her thoughts and experiences about how the knitting community has evolved on the internet. She has seen it move from mailing lists, to blogs, to social networks, to social media. She has been knitting all along this path and will share her insights about what has come and where things are going as well as highlight some of the people who she feels have made a real contribution to the community.

Julia will also share her own personal relationship with the internet and the greater knitting community where she has contributed as a reader of lists, an organizer of events, and now as part of the team that produces a cutting edge knitting fashion magazine. She will share her experiences in creating Twist Collective with Kate Gilbert, and discuss the goals and vision of how she fosters community and commerce around patterns. The process of working on Twist incorporates a lot of thought about the community and feedback from the community. And of course, she will share some of her favorite designs and stories from the Twist collective so far.

Julia Farwell-Clay is a life-long knitter who only ever made one sweater at a time until she discovered the magical mystery tour of knitting on the internet about 6 years ago. Now she has an Addi collection, an infamous stash, and the long-running blog, Moth Heaven. Julia is one of the original KnitListers, an unrepentant Rowanette, sometime Knitsmith, published designer, former NETA SPA Diva, FiberRevivalist, Raveller, and friend to knit dorks (like herself) everywhere. These days, she is one of the visionaries behind the highly regarded magazine,

A FiberCamp note:

While this talk will be at MIT, address is listed above, the rest of FiberCamp Boston will happen at the Arsenal Arts Center which is located at: 321 Arsenal St., Watertown, MA


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