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Guild Meeting
September 13, 2008

The first guild meeting was an overwhelming success… We had a packed house and Franklin was amazing(as expected). Thanks to everyone who came out to the meeting. Based on the sixe of the group from last night, we are going to need a bigger boat room for the next meeting.

I (Guido) do not have any photos from the event because I was runnig aroun like crazy durring the meeting. Thankfully, Liz started a flikr group to share photos from the event. If you took some photos, please share them with the group, if you do not use flickr please comment with a link so that everyone can see the fun you had.

Finally… thanks to all the people who volunteered last night to get the first meeting of the ground (in particular order):

Bryt (facility and operations queen)
Patience (Check In Table)
Deb (Name Tag Table)
Hapto (floating / people wrangling / drawers of fish)
Alanna (Name Tag Table / Bouncer / transporter of all things guild)
Alasdair (Check In Table)
Lucy (Name Tag Table / giver of door prize)


Everyone else who made last night happen…


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  1. My 10 y.o. knitting dau. Leah (cottonhollow on Ravelry) and I had a fantastic evening among you all. It’s a long trek for us, from just outside of Hartford, but we both wholeheartedly agree that it was worth the effort to get there and we’ll definitely be back for more. Thanks to Guido and all the others who worked so hard to pull such an event together, and thanks also to Franklin for being every bit as delightful as we had hoped!

  2. I’ve just posted my bit about last night on my blog (

    It was great fun! Surely a good omen for the guild. Nice work, guys!

  3. If you really are looking for a bigger location can you find a place with parking close by? I know it’s hard in this area but we who are disabled would love you for it!

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