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Guild Meeting
Meeting for the first time
September 4, 2008

The guild’s first meeting is approaching. This is exciting both as an event and a literal meeting of each other. It’s really exciting for me to meet with new and old fiber friends and enjoy a little fiber goodness together. This first guild meeting just blows my mind.

It is my great pleasure to have Franklin Habit as our inaugural speaker. I thought he would be an appropriate first speaker for many reasons – here are a few:

  • He is a devastatingly amazing knitter (his lace work makes me weep)
  • His creativity extends into many activities including knitting, spinning, photography, drawing, and blogging
  • He is passionate about his fiber (some of it talks to him)
  • He has a sassy Romney sheep for a roommate
  • He is like many fiber enthusiasts in Boston, he just can’t stop starting new projects

Franklin is currently completing two projects that I think are of interest to the guild. One is a book of humorous cartoons about fiber related topics called It itches. The second project is a series of portraits about knitters called the “1,000 Knitters Project.” “1,000 Knitters” has brought Franklin face-to-face with many knitters all over the world. I look forward to hearing about his experiences in the fiber community.

Franklin’s visit is sponsored by two of our friendly fiber companies, Mind’s Eye Yarns and Tactile Travel. Please patronize our generous sponsors.

In addition to the knitting programming section (the speaker), we will also have a social section at the meeting.

Lucy of Mind’s Eye Yarns will be in charge of the Teaching Nook during the social section. She will be there to assist beginners with knitting and spinning. She is an avid sock knitter who has been teaching people in her shop to love their fiber for over ten years. Lucy is a close friend of mine and I am so happy to have her support in forming the guild and growing the fiber community.

Finally, we have opened up membership to the guild. Currently we need you to fill out the membership form, print it out, and send it and membership dues to us. Alternatively, you can bring the filled-out membership form and dues to the first meeting.

Please help us out by sending in your membership form and dues by Tuesday, September 9th. If you cannot get it in the mail by that date and would like to come to the first meeting, please bring a check and your printed-out membership form to the meeting and we will handle the membership at the meeting. We will have extra membership forms available at the meeting.

See you on September 12th at the first meeting!


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  1. I have to miss the first meeting. 🙁 I got caught in conflicting hobbies, and will be on my way to NJ that night. But next one, dude, I am *there*.

  2. Dude,
    I’m psyched that you are organizing this guild!! Way to go, Guido! You have your finger on the fiber and pulse of Boston knitting for sure. Where is the meeting held? I heard MIT but don’t know which building and didn’t see it on the site. Any directions for those of us who don’t have GPS devices? Looking forward to it.
    Yours in Yarn and Song…

  3. Wren…

    All meeting details, including location and time with pictures are located here:

  4. yippeeee!!! Can hardly wait!

    ~ hb33 ~

  5. Ooh I hope I will be able to attend. I am going to try to be there on time. Great job in organizing this Guido!